“Louise Goldberg is a superb pianist, whose deft and subtle playing is the perfect accompanist…”
Scott Aycock, KWGS Folk Salad

“…not only an astonishingly accomplished musician, multi-instrumentalist, and performer, she is a gifted composer and song writer as well.”
John Hadley, Tree International

“…terrific pianist…”
Larry Laneer, The Oklahoman

“Her voice is a clarion call, a beautiful & controlled birdsong.”
Thomas Conner, Tulsa World

“…one of Oklahoma City’s truly groovy talents.”
DeDe LeDeux, Oklahoma Gazette

“I’ve printed it before, I’ll print it again: Mary Reynolds has the most beautiful voice in the world. A fixture on many stages, her pipes ring like the bells of heaven… stopping the main-stage show Thursday night as part of the all-star band singing ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’…”
Thomas Conner, Tulsa World

“It’s no secret that where Mary Reynolds & Louise Goldberg come from, jazz, blues and folk music have always shared equal space. Those influences are front and center on songs that allow Goldberg’s piano and Reynolds’ voice to shine. Reynolds & Goldberg…connect so effortlessly that you feel like you are are hearing a singular voice. …this recording is a tour de force of interpretative genius.”
Greg Johnson, KOSU For The Sake Of The Song

“I can’t think of anyone who interprets other great songwriter’s songs better than Mary Reynolds and Louise Goldberg. They can take a song that has been covered by the best and pull the strongest elements from all of them, and then inhabit the song in such a way that it transcends all the others. They are that good!”
Scott Aycock, KWGS Folk Salad